Through such software you can get the following reports:-
- Detailed report about attendance at the person, department, branch or the entire   company.
- Delay report (in total or detail).
- Overtime report (in total or detail).
- Permission reports (in hour or in day – work assignment – external errand – others   as needed).
- Leave report (sick - annual - emergency - casual - others as needed).
- Failure report (early leaving before the end of the day).
- Totals report in case of delay and overtime).
- Absence report (in total or detail).
- Detailed reports on employee statements.
- Daily and monthly reports.

Software features: 
- Arabic or English interface and Gregorian dates.
- Easy to use for data entry and report review.
- The software supports the use of more than one attendance setting device.
- The software supports entitlements for people working on hourly basis.
- Multi company branch and department. 
- Certain time programming to get data as per programming (defined hour daily).
- Accepts all fingerprints at any time without the employee interventions during In &   out.
- Supports handling work negativities like assignment or forgetting to In & Out sign in.
- Controls and limit overtime manipulation (before or after the work).
- Support work to two days, continuous 24 hours (work on to two days).
- Interim work hours like in Ramadan and special work hours for employees.
- Supports network systems i.e. installing the software on main device and launching   through more secondary device.
- Support more than shift for the company, department, or single employee.
- Support multi-users and account validity by the administrator.

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